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The Chocolate Blog

Tasting with five senses

Although most of us can't help but eat chocolate quickly, with a bit of will power you can actually prolong the pleasure. Here are the five senses tasting techniques:

We eat with our eyes as the saying goes. Take the time to look at your chocolate. Does it have a gloss or sheen? This signals that the cocoa mass (cocoa butter) has been well-tempered, (cooled down in a controlled manor) moulded and cooled.

Does the chocolate have a wonderful aroma? This is a good sign of the percentage of the cocoa and quality of the roast. Single origin chocolates tend to have a delicious smokiness that a lesser quality chocolate lacks.

Is it a well-balanced taste? Does it have the right degree of sweetness? Is it slightly bitter? All these answers are indications of the quality of the chocolate, the percentage of cocoa and degree of roasting.

Chocolate should be smooth and silky. Is the surface slightly rough? Does it begin to melt as soon at you touch it? This should enable you to judge the cocoa butter content.

When you break a piece of chocolate do you hear a 'snap' or does it break silently? In s perfect world you want the combination of the two. A pronounced 'snap' could mean the chocolate is too cold to be sampled under optimum conditions.

We've been choco busy over the last few days

We officially hosted our media launch event last Thursday at the luxurious Malmaison Hotel in their wonderful private dinning room.  We were in the best of company as JLS were apparently staying their the night.

Linzi Corr from CityBeat who hosts the GirlFriday show with Mark Lima came and she gave us an awesome plug on her show which was fantastic.

We also had  Go Belfast editor Sinead Doyle there and Katrina Doran from the fantastic Sugahfix web site which we love.  Debbie Orme and Maureen Lindberg came also from Modern Mum and they were such great fun. 

We do hope everyone enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you all soon. Pictures posted on our Facebook page.

More to come.

Truly decadent evening at Malmaison yet again!



Another fantastic night with the team at Malmaison Hotel in Belfast. Tonight we were invited to host a special       cocktail/chocolate evening which was just truly decadent and lots of fun.  Here's the wicked cocktail that Averil and bar team and Mal made for the evening. Enjoy!

Angel of Decadence:

25ml Greenall's Gin

12.5ml Lychlee Liqueur

12.5ml Creme De Casis

12.5ml Lemon Juice

12.5ml Sugar Syrup

Shake gin, lychee liqueur, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Pour over crushed ice in an old-fashioned glass. Drizzle cassis over top and garnish with a slice of lemon, blackberry and straws.

Visit  to find out more about Malmaison.

Please be aware we use nut products in some of our ingredients, please check our terms and conditions or call us if this is of concern to you.