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Chocolate Workshops for Schools

We're never too sure who enjoys these chocolate workshops the most - the children or the teachers!

Chocolate covers so many topics within the national curriculum from science to history, geography as well as stimulating children’s senses.    Best of all, most children adore anything to do with chocolate so learning about it can only be fun!  

At Chocodelicious we are passionate about chocolate and we want to share our obsession and our knowledge of everything to do with chocolate. With this in mind, we have created specific educational workshops that are utterly delicious and brimming with fun. 
We’ll work with teachers to create tailored workshops but will cover everything from:

  • How to taste chocolate – here children will get to taste different types of chocolate and learn about taste, smell and how we taste
  • The geography and history of cocoa beans - from bean to palate, this section covers geography, history and the process of cocoa bean cultivation and how the beans are made into chocolate
  • Making chocolate – In this mini chocolate master class, they will get to make, dip and decorate their very own chocolates which they can eat along the way!

We cater for classes of 30 or more and can host one year group back to back with no fuss and just a little tidying up time.  We are all NI checked.
Chocolate is a messy job so we do supply aprons and we create a bespoke quiz for teachers to give to their pupils.

Contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements so we can tailor each workshop to individual class and school needs.

Please be aware we use nut products in some of our ingredients, please check our terms and conditions or call us if this is of concern to you.